Rafters Room -
Three Cellars, 7228 South 27th Street, Oak Creek, WI


Feb 06, 2018 - Apr 03, 2018


07:00 PM - 08:00 PM



Barre at the Bar

Our barre class is a hybrid of ballet, yoga, and Pilates — and it’s the hottest trend in workouts! It is a total body workout that incorporates small movements of the major muscle groups leading to big results. After we work those major muscles, we take time to stretch and lengthen them out again.

No dance experience is required, and we modify all our moves to accommodate everyBODY.

Your 60 minute class begins at 7:00 and is taught by Mary Koll, the owner of the Barre District in Oak Creek. Each class is only $15, and that includes a glass of wine or beer!

All participants must bring their own mat. Space is limited, so reservations are required. Sign up now by stopping in or calling Three Cellars at 414-235-3336.