What makes Three Cellars unique? Everything! We love fine wines and beers as much as you do, and we want to help you discover your next favorite.

That’s why you’re going to love your visit here. Not only do we have hundreds of fine wines and craft beers, we also offer you amazing service to find that outstanding wine or beer. It’s a special experience for everyone from the casual drinker to the connoisseur. We are friendly, non-elitist, and here to help.

Of course, we can help you find beverages to take home or give as gifts, but we also offer something else you’re going to love — we invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy any of our wines or beers in the Cellar Lounge or in our planned Wine and Beer Garden (in season).


Owners Shawn Vollmer and Jim Nelson have a genuine passion for fine wines and beers and want to share that passion with others. This is why they opened the original Three Cellars back in 2006. They and their team have come up with many innovative ways to help customers, and in the process have gained many devoted friends.

In 2017, we moved the Three Cellars experience down the road to Oak Creek. This location has 20 tap lines (one nitro beer, 18 American craft beers, and one non-alcoholic root beer) six wines-by-the glass that change weekly, eight tap wines, and much more lounge capacity — along with free Saturday tastings, our Liquid Therapy happy hour specials, an outdoor wine and beer garden (soon), and all the other features that make Three Cellars the most unique wine and beer destination in the area!

  • Is Three Cellars a store?
    Yes, it is… sort of. You can purchase any bottle of wine or beer to go.
  • Is Three Cellars a bar?
    No it is not a bar, it is a lounge.  You can purchase wines-by-the-glass, tap beers, or we can open any wine or beer bottle in the store for your consumption in our lounge or garden.
  • So, what exactly is Three Cellars?
    Think of it as a coffee shop that serves wine and beer instead of coffee! Oh, wait a sec… we serve coffee too!
  • What is the atmosphere like in Three Cellars?
    There are no televisions, no loud music, and no loud drama. If you are looking for a venue where you can sit and enjoy great wine and beer, have a great conversation, and relax, then this is place for you. If you are looking for a place to be loud and drink in excess, please find another place.
  • Are children allowed?
    We love having families at Three Cellars during the day, but we ask that if you are here with children, please wrap up your visit by 6:00 PM. Our policy of “no one under 21 after 6:00 PM” gives our patrons some much-needed adult time to relax without the presence of children.
  • What products does Three Cellars sell?
    Three Cellars focuses on selling smaller family-owned fine wines and American craft beers.
  • What is a corking fee and why does Three Cellars charge one?
    If you choose to open and enjoy your purchased bottle of wine or beer here at Three Cellars, we charge a small “corking fee” which covers the opening, chilling if needed, aeration, glassware, and cleaning.  The fee also allows us to provide our knowledgeable staff and the superior customer service you come to expect from Three Cellars.
  • Are we able to take products home?
    We sell wines and beers in the retail area, and more! Our guests are welcome to take home their unfinished bottle of wine. The state allows us to reseal your purchase for transport. Please do not hesitate  to request the resealing of your bottle as you leave. In addition to that, many of our beers are available to take home in 32-ounce Crowlers.
  • Can I bring in drinks?
    Please refrain from bringing in any drinks. We offer wine, craft beer, coffee, gourmet soda, and water.
  • Does Three Cellars serve food?
    We do not have a kitchen, so we allow you to bring in any food you wish. You may also have any food delivered to Three Cellars. Plus, we occasionally have food trucks outside.

If your question was not answered, please stop in at Three Cellars and ask one of our friendly associates — or call or e-mail us.